Best Linoleum Floor Cleaner

Did you know that the best linoleum floor cleaner will not bring back the shine to your linoleum floors?

Do you have linoleum in your home? If you do, it might be old—or it might be very old! You may not realize that linoleum was first introduced 150 years ago. We associate it mainly with the 1940s and ‘50s—just before the introduction of vinyl flooring—but linoleum was actually patented in 1860 as a cheap substitute for a more expensive rubber composition called Kamptulicon. It became commonly used in Victorian homes, so if you have linoleum, it may be a few decades old, or a lot older. And you might be wondering how to clean it and make it shine again.

So what’s the best linoleum floor cleaner? First try just plain warm water. Avoid harsh cleaners because they remove not only the dirt and grime, but eventually, the surface of the floor as well. Detergents will leave a film. For a more thorough cleaning, add vinegar to the water; vinegar is safe for linoleum floors, although not for hardwood or bamboo. Finally, you can try adding a small amount of dish liquid to warm water.

The best linoleum floor cleaner by itself will not keep your floors looking clean and shiny. However, if you treat your floors with a floor restorer after cleaning, you will have clean and shiny linoleum floors for months. Pro Shot® Floor Restorer is economical, easy to apply, dries to a high sheen in about 30 minutes, and is UL-listed for slip resistance. It fills scratch marks and protects the floors from spills and black heel marks. Pro Shot® contains no petroleum, so there’s no offensive odor or smelly fumes.

Remember, always follow the best linoleum floor cleaner with the best linoleum floor restorer, Pro Shot® Floor Restorer, and your floors will shine for months.

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